Terms of Sale

The undersigned acknowledges the order and receipt of the good on the Sweet Deals invoice/or services in good order and accepts the STANDARD CONDITIONS OF AGREEMENT and also acknowledge that the amount is due unconditionally and that it is payable COD. Goods may be returned only with the prior consent and the sole discretion of Sweet Deals. All returns will be subject to a minimum of 25% penalty/handling fee on the original selling price.

1. Any equipment under warranty brought in must be accompanied by the original invoice or copy thereof.

2. This warranty is an agreement between the client and Sweet Deals and is non-transferable in full or any part of same.

3. This warranty is only valid after Sweet Deals has received full payment from client.

4. Warranty period: The warranty period is usually 12months from date of purchase if unsure please contact us.

5. This is a carry in warranty, meaning that all equipment must be handed in and picked up at Sweet Deals.

6. Sweet Deals will provide parts and labour as set out in the warranty term and condition set herein.

7. This warranty is for the repair or replacement of faulty components with components of the same value or comparable quality. This is a like for like policy.

8. The equipment is only covered for faulty workmanship on parts, and for parts that fail due to manufacturing defects. This warranty does not cover failure of equipment due to the system not being serviced adequately, or failure from wear and tear. This warranty does not cover repair or replacement parts due to incompatibility. The warranty holder will be liable to pay for these repairs.

9. Serial numbers must match serial numbers on Sweet Deals’ records and the records of the supplier. Warranty will be void if serial numbers or warranty stickers are removed or tampered with in anyway.

10. If any seals or screws are removed or broken, or if any of the equipment is opened by anyone other than Sweet Deals this warranty will be void.

11. Any unauthorised access to the computer system or installation of any unregistered part upgrades will void this warranty. This warranty only cover parts which were installed by Sweet Deals.

12. Damage to a system or components, caused by power surges or spikes, including and not limited to mains power and telecommunication connections, or to other unspecified sources, are not covered by this warranty.

13. If any consumable not authorized or sourced from Sweet Deals, is used with/in the equipment this warranty will be void.

14. This warranty does not cover, switches, buttons, batteries (including CMOS), locks, keys, external adaptors, games devices, keyboards, mice, reseating of cards, bent pins, exterior damage to case, tampering, fair wear and tear, damage to cosmetic items, consumables such as but not limited to ribbons, in cartridges, floppy disks, CD’s, DVD’s. Etc.

15. This warranty does not cover loss or damage due to negligence, theft, fire, earthquake, electrical storms or any other act of nature / life.

16. This warranty does not cover damage to the system caused by overheating as a result of sitting or position of the equipment, where there is not provision for adequate ventilation or a dust free environment.

17. Sweet Deals accepts no liability for items that are lost, damaged, or stolen as a result of freight, transportation or storage.

18. This warranty only covers system hardware faults, and makes no provision for consequential loss of data of any type. It is the responsibility of the client to make regular backups of all data. This warranty does not cover the costs of reloading operating system, software or client data.

19. Sweet Deals shall be entitled to charge the Customer interest at the rate of 3% per month above the prime bank lending rate subject to the maximum legal lending rate on all accounts outstanding from due date provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be interpreted as obliging Sweet Deals to afford the Customer any such indulgence to effect payment after due date.

20. Sweet Deals reserved the right to suspend or cancel warranties for failure of the client to pay any monies owed to Sweet Deals.

21. Sweet Deals reserved the right to make periodical changes and additions to the term of sale agreement without prior notice and it is the responsibility of the Customer to keep an updated record of Sweet Deals’ terms and conditions.

22. Orders may be cancelled by Sweet Deals 7 days after notification that they are ready for collection. If not collected after 14 days, the deposit will be forfeited and Sweet Deals reserves the right to sell the goods in order to defray costs.

23. Any repairs or orders that are not collected after 14 days will be disposed of without further notice. No credit will be passed to the buyer.

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